Dare Not Walk Alone PosterThis page simply lists things that people have said about the independent documentary Dare Not Walk Alone:

Excellent film. Real problems put on film which forces you to examine your community.
~~ Mark Brandenburg, Rollins College.

The issues of legacy and unmet challenges of the movement are nowhere better addressed than in your film
~~ Dr. Chris Magoc, Mercyhurst College, PA

I think this film should be shown in high schools and American colleges. We need to be reminded that our country has a great problem and how important it is to love people.
~~ Gina Castle, Orlando

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"Packs a punch" ~ Village Voice

Films like this give me knowledge and a hope that maybe I can do something to change the world.
~~ Ian Soto, Orlando

An excellent film, compelling, painful, a story that needs to be told-–the change already taking place in St. Augustine is a small but positive and hopeful step.
~~ Peggy Sheffield, St. Petersburg, FL

Wow! Been in Florida ten years and had no idea all this happened and is still going on. Thanks for enlightening me!
~~ Eva Krzewinski, Altamonte Springs

Amazing film! Opened my eyes to something I had never truly understood. You guys are doing an amazing job. Keep it up!
~~ Melissa Soto, Orlando, FL

A powerful real life story that many people don’t know about. Great footage. Strong music.
~~ Darren Zanolini, Orlando.

Excellent depiction of the complexity of racial and class struggle in Florida and the continued relevance of race and socioeconomic status in American life. Great connection between the roles of housing, education, criminal justice system and their impacts on continuing life choices.
~~ Dorcas Gilmore

Very well documented. Good eye-opener. Great motivator to action!
~~ Dana Roguemore

Outstanding! Everyone needs to see this!

Thank you so much. You have opened my heart and my mind to this problem.

Greatly needed! Provocative! Profound! And right on time!

Your film is life changing and life giving.

Absolutely phenomenal.

Amazing, moving, and about time!

This documentary is long overdue. Bravo!

Educational and amazing.

Heart wrenching.

Excellent documentary!

This is a powerful film! To be reminded of the prices so many paid, and also challenged by what is still to be done, has been an overwhelming experience.

I am inspired and moved!!

Very moving. I learned a lot and want to see it again.

Great way for students, adults, to connect and learn.

Absolutely incredible. Really surfaced a lot of issues that are in desperate need of consideration. Extremely thought provoking.

Magnificent! Very powerful!

You hit a lot of essential points. The film will really raise awareness and I commend all who worked on the film and hope that there is more we can do as a community to change.

Get this movie out to as many people as possible.

This film will open lots of eyes and hearts, including mine, to this problem.

Long overdue. Genius. Top notch and done with love. Life changing and much needed. Hats off to Jeremy Dean for conquering this tough issue.

Awesome! Incredible. Thank you so much for devoting your life to shed light for others.

So powerful and moving; an experience everyone should have.