"Powerful slice of roiling
 American history"
 ~~ The Los Angeles Times
"Mesmerizing and heart-
 rending" ~~ L.A. City Beat
"Packs a punch"
 ~~ L.A. Weekly
"Has great potential to do
 real good in the world"
 ~~ Boxoffice Magazine
"More than just another
 civil-rights history lesson"
 ~~ Film Journal

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"The civil rights story they don't show in school"

...You've seen text-book versions of the civil rights struggle, news footage of people marching behind Dr. King, singing songs of freedom. But what about the price those marchers paid, the beatings, and the backlash their communities suffered, the "legacy of defeat" that Senator Obama talks about? Black women arrested for going to a white church; black youths attacked for bathing on a 'white' beach; white students cattle-prodded by white police for supporting the cause of racial equality; a white church holding a service of apology to the black community: this is our history, this is Dare Not Walk Alone.