Dare Not Walk Alone PosterAgainst great odds and with barely any budget, but backed by ardent supporters, Dare Not Walk Alone has achieved the impossible, a theatrical release to critical acclaim and now a DVD that is being sold by mainstream video outlets across America like Walmart and F.Y.E.

The film was conceived in 2003 by artist Jeremy Dean while he was living in "America's oldest city," Saint Augustine, Florida. When Dean volunteered to restore the stained glass windows in an historically black church he learned of the events of 1964, protests, beatings, and a brilliant campaign of non-violent civil disobedience that led to the passage of the first civil rights act.

While Dean was honored to help preserve a place where Dr. King once stood side-by-side with Jackie Robinson to rally supporters, he was angry that this part of the civil rights story wasn't taught story in school. So he began researching. He uncovered archive footage that had never aired, he sat down with the people who put their lives on the line in 1964 to the fight for equality. Dean waited tables to finance the film, which was first shown in 2006 and was signed by Indican Pictures for theatrical release in 2007. To read more, click here...

"The most gritty version of civils rights history"

...It's the most gritty version of civil rights history I've ever seen. There's a sort of glamorous patina that sometimes gets cast over the legends of the movement, this one feels hot and painful and like reality....Those hip-hop kids are heartbreaking. ~ Peter Miller, Co-producer, Ken Burn's Jazz